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Shipping & Handling


A shipping and handling fee of $29.00 will be applied to all orders. This fee entails shipping to you and return shipping to Apex Fire Services. All orders will be shipped via UPS or DHL Ground. An additional fee will be incurred for rush service (Overnight or Second Day Air).


At the completion of your program you will return the helmet, boots, gear bag, and bunker coat and pants. The gloves and hood are yours to keep. A return UPS label is included with each rental order for your convenience in returning the rental gear.

Rental Terms


1 - Ownership of Ensemble(s)

All rented protective ensembles for fire fighting is and shall remain the property of Apex Fire Services, LLC, an Ohio Limited Liability Company, (the Company). The definition of an ensemble shall include, but not limited to a jacket, trousers, helmet with face shield and/or goggles, boots, hood, and gloves used as personal protective equipment (PPE) for fire fighting training purposes.


2 - Return of Ensemble(s) upon Termination of Agreement

Within ten (10) days of completion of said program/schooling, the Student shall return the rented ensemble (Jacket, Trousers, Helmet with Face Shield and/or Goggles and Boots) to the Company. As an option, the Student may elect to keep the Hood and/or Gloves (subject rental Hood and Gloves must be prominently marked if kept by Student “For Training Purposes Only – Not For Active Fire Fighting”) by the Student and not used for any fire fighting purpose, at the end of the rental period. 


For each seven (7) day period thereafter, or any part thereof, until the rental ensemble(s) are returned to the Company, the Student will be charged an additional rental amount of Seventy-Five Dollars ($75.00). In the event the rental ensemble(s) are not returned in full within thirty (30) days from the date of the completion of the training/schooling program, in addition to the continuing rental charge, the Student will be charged an amount equal to the then full replacement cost of the entire ensemble made the subject of this rental agreement (as per Paragraph five (5), but in any event, no less than One Thousand Dollars ($1,000.00). Any deposit made by the Student hereunder, to the extent not applied to reconditioning or repairing of the rental ensemble(s) as herein provided, will be applied by the Company to the payment of the additional rental charges and/or replacement cost.


3 - Deposit

A deposit of One Hundred Fifty Dollars ($150.00) is added in addition to the rental amount of each ensemble rental. The deposit will be held by the Company to cover any damage and/or replacement cost over and above normal wear and tear of the ensemble as outlined in Paragraph four (4) and five (5) below. The Student and Company recognize that the deposit amount may not be sufficient to cover any or all chargeable damage to the rented ensembles, in which case the Student agrees to pay any additional charges for damage over and above normal wear and tear that exceeds the amount of the deposit within ten (10) days upon notification of the Company. Upon return of the rented ensemble and inspection of the same by the Company, the deposit will be returned to the Student, less any charges over and above normal wear and tear of the ensemble, via Company check within ten (10) business days of the return.


4 - Condition of Ensemble(s)

The Student has inspected the rented ensemble and found no damage or deficiencies to the same. The Student agrees to accept the ensemble(s) in as-is condition with any deficiencies notated on the Gear Inspection Form, herein included as part of this Rental Contract. The Company shall not be liable to the Student for any loss, claim, demand, liability, cost, damage or expense of any kind, caused, or alleged to be caused, directly or indirectly, by the ensemble(s) or ensemble elements, or by any inadequacy thereof. Normal wear and tear is included in the rental cost and includes, but is not limited to, small holes and tears in the jacket and/or trousers; missing snaps, hooks or suspender buttons; and, minor abrasion damage to the cuffs and knee pads. Minor scratches on the helmet and visor, and/or goggles, are also be considered normal wear and tear. Damage which the Student shall be responsible for includes, but is not limited to, large holes or tears in the jacket or trousers; large burned or scorched areas on the jacket or trousers; cracked helmet shell, face shield or goggles; broken helmet face shield; toes of boots worn down to expose the steel cap, loss or destruction of any part of rented ensemble; any paint, decal or sticker applied to the helmet or any part of the rented ensemble that is not easily removable or would cause damage to the helmet and/or ensemble upon removal; any unauthorized alteration to the ensemble; and, any damage caused as a result of improper cleaning or use.


5 - Charges and/or Replacement Costs of Ensembles

The Student acknowledges that protective fire fighting ensembles are costly to replace. The Student shall take all precautions necessary to prevent any damage outside of normal wear and tear of use of the ensemble, including but not limited to the destruction, theft or unauthorized alteration to the rented ensemble. In the event of a total loss or destruction of the rented ensemble or ensemble elements, the Student shall be liable for the following replacement costs:


Jacket     -> $1,288.00

Trousers   -> $870.00

Helmet -> $195.00

Boots -> $139.00

Gloves -> $50.00

Hood -> $29.00

Replacement Cost -> $2,571.00


6 - Cancellation and/or Early Termination of Schooling

Should the Student not complete or terminate the fire school program prior to completion or graduation of the enrolled program of which the ensemble(s) were rented for any reason, the Student shall be provided a refund of the rental amount within the following criteria:


  • If less than ½ of the program/school completed for any reason (i.e. 2 weeks out of a 7 week program), the Student will be refunded ½ of the contract rental amount. The Student agrees to forfeit any deposit to the Company (the forfeited deposit will be applied as a cancellation charge prior to any chargeable damage to the rented ensemble). Any refund to the Student by the Company will be made via Company check within ten (10) business days upon return and inspection of said ensemble.


  • If more than ½ of the program/school is completed for any reason (i.e. 4 weeks out of a 7 week program), no refund of the rental ensemble(s) will be provided. The Student agrees to forfeit any deposit to the Company (the forfeited deposit will be applied as a cancellation charge prior to any chargeable damage to the rented ensemble).


Confirmation of such termination and/or separation of program and/or schooling must be provided to the Company on school letterhead by the director/instructor of said enrolled institution prior to any refund by the Company.


7 - Disclaimer

The Student acknowledges that the training program/firefighting is inherently dangerous. Student agrees to follow all safety protocols and directions from instructors. It is the responsibility of the Student to care for each ensemble while in his/her possession as outlined in the FEMSA safety brochure provided to the Student. Student understands that in spite of all precautions, serious injury (including death) may occur from this activity. The Company is not liable for any injuries (including death) arising from the training program and/or firefighting.


The Company is not responsible for any damages resulting from the rental or use of all subject rental ensemble(s). Except as stated, no express or implied warranties are given. Damages, if any, are limited to the rental cost incurred.


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All Apex Fire Services ensembles and ensemble elements are compliant to NFPA 1971, 2007 edition (Standard on Protective Ensembles for Structural Firefighting).