Mobile Advanced PPE Inspections Now Available at Your Fire House!

Professionals dedicated to the comprehensive care and maintenance of personal protective ensembles.

Our mobile Advanced Inspection program is a fully integrated, systematic approach to the management and maintenance of fire department PPE.
In addition to receiving an annual required PPE inspection, our customers are provided an accurate and detailed inspection report of each ensemble and ensemble element in their inventory; thus eliminating an administrative burden. Our service provides a comprehensive analysis of the PPE inventory and satisfies compliance with 2014 Edition, Ohio BWC and OAC 4123;1-21.  
Mobile Advanced Inspection of Your PPE at your Station Includes:
  • Inspection of Outer Shell, Thermal Liner and Moisture Barrier

  • Hydrostatic Testing of Moisture Barrier

  • Visual Light Evaluation of Thermal Liner, when required

  • Documentation of Findings

Meeting the Needs of Ohio Fire Departments


While the budget for fire department PPE continues to shrink year after year, the level ofprotection required to keep fire fighters safe in the field does not.


Departments benefit from accurate and detailed information regarding the condition of ensembles and ensemble elements; not only for safety, but for budgeting new replacement ensembles and reserve gear; along with managing existing maintenance and repairs.


Apex Fire Services is the first and only Independent Service Provider (ISP) in the state of Ohio that has listened to our customers and brought the inspection and documentation process directly to the fire house in an affordable and efficient customer focused approach.

Why Inspect PPE?


Ensembles and ensemble elements are the first line of defense in fire fighter safety. Certain inspection criteria must be met in order to insure proper functionality of the ensemble.


2014 Edition, Standard on the Selection, Care and Maintenance of Personal Protective Ensembles (PPE) and the Specific Safety Requirements of the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (OAC 4123:1-21) require annual Advanced Inspection of personal protective ensembles and ensemble elements.


An Advanced Inspection of PPE ensembles incorporates a complete liner inspection with a hydrostatic test of the Moisture Barrier and a light evaluation of the Thermal Liner, in conjunction with an overall assessment of the ensemble.


Until now, performing and documenting this process has been costly in manpower, time, and budget. Only Apex Fire Services brings the solution to the fire house.


When it comes to repair of PPE through these documented findings, Apex Fire Services has the answer for timely and cost effective repairs to help keep your gear on the front line. We measure our turn around time in days, not weeks. Give us a call today to find out how your department will benefit from our services!

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